land of oil


Diesel engine sound that resonates loud atmosphere make teak forest in the village Womocolo District Kedewan, Bojonegoro many drops of each of the '‘black gold’' that flows. Is in between the teak forest began a little less (if not a bald-headed), a pyramid of wood as more or less steady standing seven meters, and above depending on the projectile with a diameter of 25cm long with no more than three meters.

The story begins far in 1894, when Adrian stoop a concession holder of the rights to exploration and that the earth Bojonegoro oil reserves stored in large amounts. And since that time millions of barrels crude oil per day forth. After a century, and more exploited in the Pacific lose any Dutch foot lift from the earth malwapati leaving hundreds of old oil wells do not have a master, and in the earlier independence of some wells that still have economic value is managed by the State through Pertamina.

The weakness of the economy, make people think to join the well-utilized oil wells are old. Because of the minimal initially they only carry pipe pipes pit-mine to be sold to scrap metal merchants. But as the economic needs of the throttle and the results of agriculture that is not how, to the early 1950s many people began to look well-elderly as well object to the provision of life secarik map of oil fields in the colonial period that are stored in the local Village Hall.

After more than ten years, but mine also does not feel that sweet, because this KUD Bagus Sasono, partners Pertamina oil to the citizens since 1 April 1988 and then sold to Pertamina determine the price that mine workers are not profitable. As an illustration in the year 1990 every one drum crude oil (equivalent to approximately an 200-liter) was only Rp 1,000 and Rp 37,500 in 2005, when a crude oil drum can not be valued less Rp160.000. '‘A reward that does not make sense, because the cost narik purpose alone is not sufficient,'' said the youth Tejo 22 years which is a third generation of oil workers in the mine area Wonocolo

Still according to the Tejo, the cost of care for a well (from the search until ready for production) does not swallow the funds of less than Rp 500 million, which divided the group between 15-25 with the owner of the pit workers. Because the rewards of the oil obtained from the mine so it is not just the wonder of life and not the welfare of the community include the well-wells are very old concern. condition gradually improved ketia to the offices of Pertamina in Cepu, demand for crude oil price increase. Because there is no agreement then the words of the workers to the mine was sold to another buyer to get a more adequate benefits.

Early April 2005 a few workers even began to distill mine own ''lantung’' (the term for the local people take the crude oil). '‘lantung-lantung’' is heated in the fireplace made of drum-drum used, because the oil supply (solar distillation results) assessed the benefits promised better. Buyers in the big one every liter of diesel fuel valued Rp 2,400 or Rp 504,000 for each one drum capacity 210 liters. But in a day from 400 wells with a depth of not less than 12-15 meters equal 300 liter drums or putrid crude successfully exploited. Could be how the rupiah can be enjoyed by citizens?

When the shadow of prosperity is still there in front of dark clouds that haunt the feeling of traditional mine workers, the matter of the development of the Blok Cepu save oil reserves for up to two 1.2 billion barrels and clarity of the status of mine workers. Koperasi Patra Jasa because the cooperative was formed to replace the failed KUD Bagus Sasono stream prosperity are still a matter of legal status. During this time to sell the oils should be conducted secretly if they do not want to deal with the authorities.

And they only want the welfare of the rich earth in which they stand. Will the oil stored bojonegora permeate the earth to the local community? or they go back '‘only’' to be a spectator when the oil-oil that flows to and exploited far … will dull episode in Arun, Dumai and Tembagapura recurred in malwapati earth ..? We only see a follow upcoming episode